The AFFECT Project

Impact Assessment of Belgian De-Radicalisation Policies Upon Social Cohesion and Liberties is the official website of the four-year research project AFFECT

The objective of AFFECT is to assess the efficiency of Belgian de-radicalisation and counter-terrorism policies and programmes, and their impacts on social cohesion and liberties. AFFECT endeavours to offer a comprehensive evaluation of the efficiency of these policies in order to identify good practices, but also loopholes, gaps and duplication of efforts.The ultimate intended goal of AFFECT is the concrete improvement of policy and decision-making through objective research and analysis. AFFECT aims to produce a comprehensive, proportionate, evidence-based, open to stakeholders’ views and unbiased impact assessment. AFFECT activities will be embedded in the policy cycle, transparent and of a high quality.

In offering some timely research and recommendations, AFFECT will contribute to better regulation


Research Team

AFFECT is supported by a multidisciplinary team of researchers with academic and scientific expertise covering each of the issue areas, objectives and methods of the research.

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Follow-Up Committee

The Follow-up Committee will provide scientific and general support to the research network and to promote communication between researchers, decision-makers and society.

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Ethics Advisory Board

The Ethics Advisory Board will monitor the project by continuously assess whether any additional ethical issues or concerns surface throughout the duration of the project.

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AFFECT is funded by BELSPO, through the Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Network (