Gendered political violence

Guittet, Emmanuel-Pierre, Gendered political violence? Female militancy, conduct and representation under question, International Feminist Journal of Politics (IFJP), 20(2), 2018, pages 274-281

After a period of relative absence of work on the issue, the range and number of publications examining female involvement in militant organisations with a more critical eye has certainly increased since the 2000s. This increasing academic interest in women and terrorism is certainly consistent with a rise in public concern for the multiplicity of cases of female suicide bombers reported in the media. It is also consistent with the steady development of a welcome feminist alternative literature in International Relations since the 1990s. (read more)….

Questioning the framework for private security terror responses

Deliverable AFFECT-RP-01-2018

Summary – The aim of this research paper is to question the growing interdependence of the private and public sectors in tackling present-day security challenges, with a specific focus on the relationship between police forces and private security companies in the fight against terrorism. Local and national representatives of public security agencies are increasingly calling upon private companies to participate in the management of various security issues, with an overall aim of considerably reducing security risk on one hand and making substantial economies on the other. Is the private sector really better placed to efficiently manage security issues and concerns? The actual security performance of private security is subject to debate.

Author: Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet

Date: March 2018

Language: English

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