Extraordinary Rendition: Addressing the challenges of Accountability

Guittet, Emmanuel-Pierre, Bigo, Didier, The quest for absolution and immunity: Justifying past and future torture in the name of democracy, Extraordinary Rendition: Addressing the challenges of Accountability, Guild Elspeth, Bigo, Didier & Mark Gibney (Dir.), Routledge, London, 2018, ISBN: 978-0-81538-7800, pages 202-229

The Feinstein Report is a sweeping indictment of not only the brutal practices deployed but also of the poor value of intelligence gleaned from these different exercises in torture. The 525-page executive summary of the Feinstein report reveals the brutal, systematic and sanctioned nature of this programme of extraordinary rendition and detention and provides graphic examples of the inefficiency of torture. On paper, one could say that the numerous lawyers and activists who have been advocating a strict prohibition of torture have won, but certainly not in a decisive and definitive manner. The release of the Feinstein report might be seen by some as a triumph, but any victory may prove to be Pyrrhic. A once prominent but now almost forgotten report against torture has been taken over by normalisation of torture where the justifications once deployed alongside the CIA-led extraordinary rendition and detention programme are still very much present and prevalent (Read more)