Ethics advisory board

The role of the Ethics Advisory Board is to scrutinise the relevant project deliverables from an ethics perspective. The Ethics Advisory Board will also monitor the project by continuously assess whether any additional ethical issues or concerns surface throughout the duration of the project. If so, the project partners will be committed to take any necessary measures needed to comply with the ethical aspects outlined by the Ethics Advisory Board.

Members of the Ethics Advisory Board

Elspeth Guild
Jean Monnet Professor ad personam at Queen Mary, University of London 🇬🇧
Francesco Ragazzi
Lecturer of International Relations, Leiden University 🇳🇱
Salvatore Palidda
Professor, University of Genova 🇮🇹
Anastassia Tsoukala
Tenured Associate Professor, University of Paris XI 🇫🇷
France Blanmailland
Lawyer, specialised in immigration law and member of the European Immigration Lawyers Network (EILN) 🇧🇪