Protection and support of victims of terrorism – EU Policy

Deliverable AFFECT BP-01-2018

Summary – The large-scale attacks on 9/11 resulted in more attention being devoted to victims of terrorist acts. Discussions took place on how their needs could be best accommodated. The Madrid bombings in March 2004, followed by the 2005 London bombings, the 2015 attacks in Paris and the 2016 bombing in Brussels gave further impetus to this process. The rights of victims are firmly grounded not only in EU primary and secondary law, but also in Council of Europe and United Nations (UN) instru­ments, as well as in national legislation. The EU has put in place a strong legal framework to protect victims across Europe since the 1990s onward. The present Briefing Paper is a short overview of the development of EU Terrorism victims’ Rights, with a particular focus on the 2004 compensation scheme, the 2012 Victims Rights’ Directive and the 2017 Directive on Combating Terrorism.

Author: Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet

Date: September 2018

Version: English

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